Mac mouse makes pain in my wrist

Ok, I started working with Macs by the beginning of this year. First everything looked fine and I enjoyed working on a Unix based system with such a high focus on usability. But after a few days I started wondering why the ball on the Mighty Mouse is not so mighty at all. Its ridiculous.

Using it to scroll through a lot of pages is so tedious. Is anyone using the Mighty Mouse to do serious work?
So I connected my Razor Diamondback and WOW, what a difference. Suddenly scrolling is a bliss. But after using it a while, I noticed, that I often have a hard time clink on small stuff. Why?

It’s called mouse acceleration and OS X has a different and IMHO worse approach than Windows and Linux. A steep courve. So the mouse feels sluggish slow and a s soon as I try to be fast the cursors flies over the screen like mad.

Good thing is, I’m not alone with that, there a quite a few articles that point out the problem and offer a solution. In the end James sums it up nicely here:

It is unfortunate that Apple does not include a control panel for controlling acceleration. However, one of the solutions above should hopefully satisfy your needs.

So I started using USB Overdrive, which does a great job and works fine for me.

Btw. ControllerMate is extremely sophisticated and unique, because you can design your own mouse acceleration curve.