BTSync can change a lot…. I suppose

Murder!!!! Wait, that’s just the name of a bittorrent based tool Twitter uses to deploy their code: Twitter – Murder Bittorrent Deploy System…. and Facebook uses it too.

But actually Bittorrent is an awesome protocol for file synchronisation across multiple nodes. It’s especially good with big files over not perfectly reliable connections. It has encryption built in and is quite bandwidth efficient, as it only transfers the delta, instead of everything.

And a couple months ago, a company called BitTorrent released…. BTSync as experiment. But it’s awesome, because:

  • it runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and has ARM support, so it even runs on Routers and NAS devices, it runs also on Clouds Systems and Virtual Hosts
  • it runs on iPhone, iPad and Android devices
  • it’s very easy to install

I use it to sync all my photos from my desktop computer to my web server as backup, Furthermore I sync my iPhone photos to my desktop with it. It’s so good!